Advertise with Confidence in The Ellsworth American & Mount Desert Islander

The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander offer a full suite of advertising products – both in print and digital – to help promote your business and brand. Our experienced, highly professional sales team will work with you to maximize your advertising budget and showcase your company in the best light possible.

By The Numbers

Total Circulation for The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander

Home Delivery Subscribers to The Ellsworth American

Paid Digital Subscribers to The Ellsworth American

The Ellsworth American copies purchased at the 

Home Delivery Subscribers to the Mount Desert Islander

Paid Digital Subscribers to the Mount Desert Islander

Mount Desert Islander copies purchased at the 

Total average weekly digital visitors

21,500 visitors

11,000 visitors

Hear from our Satisfied Customers

“Advertising with The Ellsworth American and
Mount Desert Islander gives us great exposure
at rates we can afford. We love the relationship we have with the Ellsworth American.”
Momo's Cheesecakes, Ellsworth, ME

“I decided to revise the Friends in Action newsletter, ‘Connections’, and make it an insert in the Ellsworth American, I am delighted I did. Circulation went from about 1,200 a quarter to about 13,000 a month. I have received numerous comments, requests for services and donations based on their having read about it in our insert. Additionally, the people at the Ellsworth American are extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.”
Friends In Action, Ellsworth, ME

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your circulation?

The Ellsworth American has 10,199 subscribers, and the Mount Desert Islander has 5,381 subscribers.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa and MasterCard.

What do you mean by packages?

We offer packages that integrate print and digital advertising that allow you to plan out an entire campaign AND save money over open rates.

Can you bill me for advertising?

Upon receipt and approval of a completed credit application, we can bill your advertising costs to your account.

Do you offer incentives for early payments?

Yes! When you pay your advertising statement in full, by cash or check, by the 15th of the month following publication, you may deduct 2% from your bill. If you prepay the cost of your ad, either by cash or check, on the first of each month, you may take a 5% discount. Advertisers seeking larger discounts may prepay the cost of their entire package with cash or check and save 10%.

What position or page is best for my ad?

Readers tell us that they read The American and Islander from cover to cover. For maximum exposure, it’s best for your ads to placed ROP or “run of paper.” Your ad rotates weekly throughout the newspaper and guarantees the widest audience.

Do you charge for ad design?

No, ad design is FREE. Layout, design, proofing, copywriting, and campaign strategizing are complimentary and add even more value to our advertising packages.

What day are the papers published?

Both papers are published on Thursday, and digital editions are typically available for The Ellsworth American late Wednesday afternoon and by midday Thursday for the Mount Desert Islander.

Can I have a proof of my ad before publication?

For non-camera-ready material, proofs are provided electronically upon request as soon as they are available from the creative services team. You will have up to two (2) business days to approve your ads. If you do not respond within the time requested by your advertising representative, you give implied authority to the advertising representative to finalize the ad copy for publication.
*Depending on when the advertiser provides the assets for the ad, an immediate review of ad copy may be required.

What is camera-ready?

Camera-ready means a PDF (portable document format) that meets size, color, and resolution specifications and is ready to be included for publication with no adjustments required.

How do I get my camera-ready ads to you?

Simply email them to your sales representative.

What if there is a mistake in my ad?

The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander assume liability for errors in advertising copy to the extent that the newspaper will publish, at no charge, a corrected version of that portion of any advertisment in which an error occurs. To qualify for publication of corrected copy at no charge, we must be notified by 5 p.m. Monday following the date of original publication.

Who owns The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander?

Reade Brower of Rockland, ME. In addition to several daily papers, Reade owns weekly publications throughout Maine, included the Courier-Gazette, The Camden Herald, The Republican Journal, The Free Press, and the Knox and Waldo County VillageSoup websites.